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For us as an organization the key is to never stop innovating and it is our love for learning and development which drives us to strive for excellence in whatever service we deliver.

Welcome to Upskill

The definition of Upskill is........ ’to improve the aptitude for work of a person by additional training and development’. Oxford dictionary 2016.

For any business, its people are its most important resource. Whilst for some organisations learning, development and training can be perceived as disruptive, boring, and impractical for those looking to excel in this very competitive business world upskilling staff is a fundamental strategy for improving business performance.

We bring a fresh and exciting approach that is having a profound impact on individuals, teams and organisations, especially those working with vulnerable people. The ROI of a leaner, meaner, keener and more capable workforce is huge.


What is so different?

Well, Upskill-U take proven and established training methodologies and coaching techniques, combine them with therapeutic approaches in neuroscience and utilise a range of the leading science-based assessment tools and processes for analysing performance, competence and emotional intelligence. This enables us to in effect open up a new lens for understanding and redefining the way we manage relationships. After all leading experts unanimously agree that business is fundamentally shaped by relationships.

All of this delivered in a style that is dynamic, engaging, challenging and above all practical.

Upskill U was founded in 2013 by Gifford Sutherland and from the outset the team have developed innovative approaches to enhancing Continued Professional Development (CPD). We have introduced a new dimension to the formal training setting. Live Case Studies, which provide invaluable experiential learning through the personal testimonies of ex-service users.
Having initially specialised in supporting the social care, housing, criminal justice and education sectors, our services have extended to work with businesses from all types of industries.

As well as training, we provide a whole raft of additional services designed to support organisations grow, develop and perform.

Our team of consultants and trainers boast strong business pedigree having either successfully held strategic command and senior management positions or years of credible front line practice.

The Upskill-U philosophy is simple, the world of business is changing and Learning and Development needs to evolve with it.


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