Using physical intervention should always be the last resort, however despite staff’s best efforts to diffuse a situation; there are occasions whereby physical assault occurs.

Breakaway training aims to deal with these threatening situations by teaching simple, easy to use techniques that will allow you to break away where de-escalation techniques have failed and physical assault may be imminent and without harming attacker.


This course is aimed at anyone who is at risk of physical assault in the workplace. Such as

  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Lone Workers
  • Teachers / School Staff
  • Security Personnel
  • Youth workers

Our Team of experts are all qualified instructors in a mixture of martial arts and/ or are Security Industry Authority (SIA) Licensed Trainers

Our courses not only teach practical skills but are also designed to ensure learners are:

  • Clear on the law around self-defence and including common law guidance.
  • Able to apply these techniques in line with company policy and code of conduct
  • Able to identify situations that could escalate and stages to be- deployed before breakaway is used
  • Able to mitigate the risk keep others safe and minimise any distressed cause to the aggressor.

Upskill’s Breakaway training can be delivered as a full day stand alone course or combined with our popular De-escalation and Managing Challenging Behaviour Training.

Contact our Team to discuss options on 07710253470