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‘Executive U’ is a service designed specifically for business leaders operating at Board and/or Senior Management Level.

We understand first hand the issues that come with running a business. Time management, prioritization, stress, responsibilities, leadership, conflict, having a family, keeping healthy and maintaining friendships.


With this in mind ‘Executive-U’ goes way beyond traditional coaching and mentoring support It’s a lifestyle program promoting self care, health and even happiness. Our Executive U team not only come with business coaching pedigree but are qualified in NLP, life coaching, fitness, nutrition and motivation.

We sit down with you  and develop a  personalized program that fits into your lifestyle This incorporates


  • Happiness and wellbeing (full assessment of your work life balance including family)
  • Dieting and nutrition (meal drop off, recipes and meal supplements shakes to support your hectic timetable)
  • Personal fitness coaching and exercise
  • Mental and emotional self care techniques (yoga, meditation, relaxation activities)
  • Confidence building through motivation techniques
  • Managing time and prioritization (Covey’s quadrant)
  • Assertiveness and communication skills development
  • Managing conflict (including mediation services)


Call the business development  team on 07986614349 or email info@upskillu.org 07710253470 or email now. Alternatively use this Contact Form.