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Live Case Studies
“Nothing provides greater understanding than learning from the lived experience of someone who’s been there”

“Nothing provides greater understanding than learning from the lived experience of someone who’s been there”

Case studies have always been a popular feature of training courses. Traditionally trainers rely on written stories or fictional scenarios in an attempt to give context to theory and test a learners understanding. Some trainers try to replicate the real experience through psychodrama and role play, BUT it’s just not the same. Nothing beats hearing an authentic life story. Upskill-U bring have successfully introduced a groundbreaking new dimension to CPD which brings the lived experience of ex service users into a LIVE training setting.
Powerful, insightful and thought provoking, ‘Live Case Studies’ offer;

  1. Real life stories from a pool of trained and supported ex-service users
  2. The emotion and context of a live testimonial
  3. Facilitated Q & A enabling exploration of key issues and factors
  4. An interactive platform to the test skills and abilities of the learners in examining information,
    communicating and identifying risk/needs.
  5. Psychologically informed environment for developing new ideas and solutions to problems

The live testimonials cover a range of themes that provide invaluable insight into key social issues.
Speakers include;

  • Ex-homeless
  • Ex-care leavers
  • Domestic violence survivors
  • Carers of the vulnerable
  • Ex-offenders or  ex-gangs members
  • Family/partners of people in custody
  • Those who have been affected by mental health and trauma
  • Ex-substance/ alcohol mis-users and dual diagnosis
  • Perpetrators of violence/ abuse
  • Survivors of FGM
  • Victims/ those groomed around radicalisation or extremism

To discuss implementing live case studies into your training contact our team on: 0208 239 8968 or info@upskillu.org. .

Your training experience will never be the same again!